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Willamette Weekly October 1994
  ...Those interested in fine painting will find it accross the room in Mihalyo's webbed and spiraling figgure studies. Mihalyo enlivens standard poses by extending the dominant curves of the figure into the surounding space and concocting a few of his own. His color choices sometimes place as much emphisis on the emerging composition of crecents and ellipses as on modeling the figure into three dimentions, with the most successful work pushing the competition between these two perspectives as far as possible. In Carpenter's Son the tendons of a pair of feet sprout upward and interlace. The chiaroscuro between the darker recesses and the bright lines creates the illusion of emerging architecture that's as graceful and complex as the ceiling of a gothic cathedral. We can only hope that (D.O.T. N.W. Gallery's) selection of artists continues at it's current level.

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