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I am a Surrealist and a Visionary painter. In my artwork I discuss world and philosophical issues through a multifaceted system of symbols and fantastical narratives. Each painting emphasizes a need for balance in order to explore the overwhelming complexity of the theme. I convey this need for balance through representation of multiple viewpoints of an issue within the painting's narrative. This multi-dimensional approach to the portrayal of a "vision" allows each image to behave as an open-ended statement. The setting and characters of each representation appeal to the viewer's psychology, inviting one to develop questions about what is depicted and ultimately draw one's own conclusions about the meaning of the work.
I gather inspiration from life experiences and world travels. I take a multitude of photos of architectural and daily life subjects. As I develop an idea for a painting, I refer to these photographs to create a setting and visual language for each idea I wish to discuss. The composition of the painting requires several weeks of prep work. During this process I develop a system of symbols to successfully communicate with the viewer the vision I wish to represent. I begin by completing a series of sketches to figure out the compositional layout of the piece. There is a methodical formula to my style. Each composition shares structural and narrative similarities such as position of the viewer, choice of color palate, suggested time of day, and climate or atmospheric effects.