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ArtAccess magazine Aprill 2001
Jeffrrey Moose Gallery press release
  Mr. Mihalyo has been exhibiting in the Seattle area for over ten years while working as a designer and illustrator for numerous high-end clients including Microsoft, Dreamworks, Millstone Coffee, Hornall Anderson, Real Networks and Jim Hennson Studios. His soft-edged realism often comes with a humorous twist; giant shoes and barns fly through the sky with a touch that lends an air of fun rather than the ominous incongruity most often connected with works in this genre. And while "Fun" the works are far more than illustrations for children's books. They carry the air of the narrative while existing as stand alone metaphors for conflicts in modern life. Juxtapositions of Pastoral America with the Electronic Age, contrasts of scale (often featuring people as the Goliaths of Earth) and occasionally stylized renderings of elements in nature reveal a keen sense of observation that simultaneously shocks and delights.

Article List